Onion Pletzl

own square. Onion Pletzl as a superannuated onion roll, a  sandwich bread fit for Gulliver the Giant.  Pletzl means square in Yiddish as in town square and this bread is square, albeit imperfectly so. Think of it as Sicilian pizza with the sauce and cheese replaced by raw  onions. According to Arthur Schwartz, the author … Continue reading

My husbands’ favorite Ice cream

I’m loathe to post a recipe made with Rich’s whip, the pareve ersatz cream that has become such a great favorite among the kosher set. That’s because Rich’s is a pseudo food. Read the label– HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED COCONUT OIL, PARTIALLY HYDROGENATED PALM KERNEL OIL. Those aren’t things I stock in my … Continue reading

Na’an : Afghani Jewish Flatbread

For years, even decades,  I avoided baking bread.  Bread baking? Me? Bread has  strange ingredients like yeast–now what does one do with that? And even stranger instructions. Proof the yeast. What kind of proof? Is this something legal? Punch down the dough Why? What did the dough do to deserve such violence? Meanwhile, my friends had … Continue reading

Home Made Pasta: A Bad Idea

A curse on your head Martha Stewart, Maybe not a curse but perhaps  a friendly pigeon could fly above you and do what pigeons do on top of your perfectly streaked coif. I want revenge.  Frankly Martha,  I’m good and mad In your cookbook, the old one, that came our before food porn and coffee table cookbooks, you … Continue reading

My favorite Pesach Cookie: Pecan Drops

I never baked for Pesach. Frankly, the entire subject led me to despair. What can you possibly bake with matzo meal and/or potato starch that justifies the ingestion of hundreds of empty calories?Because of that, my standard Pesach desserts were strawberry fluff(two egg whites, one cup sugar, one bag frozen strawberries, process together and then … Continue reading

Challahs for Healing

For the past few weeks, my youngest son has had a tummy ache of the mysterious kind. Knee jerk psychologists: this ailment is not  psychosomatic.  I know this kid. He isn’t  being bullied or abused.  This is  physiological but as of today, medical science hasn’t reached the root of the trouble. The standard tests turned up nothing … Continue reading

No I’m not Kidding: Onion Marmalade

When I discovered this recipe on allthingssimpleblog.com my curiosity was piqued. Onion marmalade? It sounded like an oxymoron or a joke, but there were relatively few steps and the humblest of ingredients, onions, sugar, kosher salt and vinegar, except for one glitch—the vinegar had to be balsamic I didn’t have any at home. That wasn’t … Continue reading

Pistou–Jewish Brain Food!

 I think  that I’ve stumbled upon the secret fuel to the Jewish brain. It’s Pistou, an ancient condiment, dip, relish (you pick) and, close cousin to Pesto.  Pistou originates in  from Provence, a lovely town on the French- Italian border which had a Jewish community that was neither Ashkenazi or Sephardic but followed it’s own minhagim. … Continue reading