Feeding the Inner Child: Rakott Krumpli, Hungarian Dairy Casserole, A comfort food from pre War Europe.

Kids don’t think their parents need comfort or comfort foods. Kids, especially really teeny ones don’t think their parents need anything at all–not food or sleep or privacy.  But they do. As a battle scarred veteran with 23 years on the front lines of motherhood, I know that  Moms sometimes need to  scarf down a meal returns … Continue reading

Home Made Pasta: A Bad Idea

A curse on your head Martha Stewart, Maybe not a curse but perhaps  a friendly pigeon could fly above you and do what pigeons do on top of your perfectly streaked coif. I want revenge.  Frankly Martha,  I’m good and mad In your cookbook, the old one, that came our before food porn and coffee table cookbooks, you … Continue reading

Existential Lentil Soup

It wasn’t until I read this week’s Torah reading that I finally figured out what the lentil soup incident was all about. Call me dense, but although I’d first heard the story too many decades ago to count, the meaning didn’t click until just now. Although this is  a recipe column the story isn’t really … Continue reading

Cabbage Noodles for the Nine Days

It’s the Nine Days, when  cooking options are severely curtailed and I’ve been craving cabbage noodles. That’s the name my mother uses for the archetypical  European dish alternatively known as káposztás tészta,  Kraut Lukshen, or Kraut Pletzlach. It’s perfect for this week because it is pareve and filling. Thought cabbage noodles was a mostly because it’s … Continue reading

Missing Cocoa

It’s the 17th of Tammuz and I’m fasting. That means that I can’t have my beloved cocoa with ice cubes until nightfall, which makes me grumpy and sad. Booo!!! When I was younger, fasts confused me.  Why call them “fast.”?  If you’ve ever experienced one you’ll know that a fast day is anything but fast. … Continue reading