Who Knows Three? Cheese Kreplach for Shavuot

For some reason, the cheese kreplach has been overshadowed by it’s better known “relation,” the cheese blintz. That is too bad because cheese kreplach are soooo symbolic.Here’s just a few meaning that have been attached to these soft, doughy stuffed triangles. Shavuot is in the third month–that’s when you count from Nissan. The Torah tells … Continue reading

There is nothing awful about offal: Sauteed Miltz

Offal is the British name for animal gut, what we Americans euphemistically call or organ or  “variety meats.’  I prefer the British term because it  sounds like “awful” which is  the opinion most people  have of  this type of food.   Because organ meats are  high in fat and cholesterol  lots of people won’t touch the … Continue reading

One Two Three Bread

In these days of wars and hurricanes there is something imminently comforting about  home made bread. I came across this recipe while researching artisanal bread baking online. It is the essence of simplicity, a crusty, moist, open crumb  loaf that you can create in minutes. Yes, this is a sourdough recipe .The dough will take hours to … Continue reading

Gefilte Fish Plain and Fancy

I’m not a gefilte fish lover. I’ve been known to refuse the stuff even when it’s dressed up like a fishy petite four.But  gefilte fish isn’t something to sneer at.  It is actually a reflection of Jewish culinary genius.Since Shabbos means fish but the Sabbath laws forbid  using a utensil to separate the bones from the flesh  (you can … Continue reading

Holy Carrots For the New Year

While I grew up eating honey cooked carrots every Rosh Hashana, I never realized this was holy food until I read Rabbi Dovid Meisel’s account of the every day life of  Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum, the previous Satmar Rebbe. In case you’re unfamiliar with his story, the old Satmar Rebbe walked out of Bergen Belsen alive.  … Continue reading

Talking Rosh Hashana: Teiglach

 Now I understand why nobody makes Teiglach anymore. You know, Teiglach, that ancient Lithuanian Jewish Rosh Hashana delicacy assembled from hundreds of tiny balls of  honey soaked dough. My eyes light up when a recipe is labeled  “easy” and “quick.”  Teiglach is clearly not this. Teiglach harkens back  to a time when women rolled their … Continue reading

Pickled Salmon for the Sabbath: A Taste of the World to Come

If fish could be said to have families, then pickled salmon would rank as gefilte fish’s forgotten sister. Everyone remembers gefilte. The old ground carp has been frozen and jarred even  served up in three layers like a petit four. Salmon does star on the foodie pantheon but  that’s  only when it’s grilled on cedar planks or … Continue reading

Feeding the Inner Child: Rakott Krumpli, Hungarian Dairy Casserole, A comfort food from pre War Europe.

Kids don’t think their parents need comfort or comfort foods. Kids, especially really teeny ones don’t think their parents need anything at all–not food or sleep or privacy.  But they do. As a battle scarred veteran with 23 years on the front lines of motherhood, I know that  Moms sometimes need to  scarf down a meal returns … Continue reading

Hooked on Sourdough Part 1

As much as I detest the addiction metaphor , (chochoholic, fashion addict , etc) I can’t find a better way to describe my relationship to sourdough.  I’m hooked! Sourdough also known as wild yeast,  is of course a magical combination of flour, warm water and a bit of fermented dough . Until commercial yeast became … Continue reading

Metaphysical Blintzes for Shavuos

Forget Zen koans, trips to the Dalai Lama, meditation retreats. You can find life’s secrets in a  cheese blintz. Says the Rebbe Rav Naftoli of Ropschitz , the cheese (in Hebrew gevina) whose   numerical value is 70  (gematriya) stands for the 70 paths to Torah wisdom which enlightens the soul of the Jew.  The pancake wrapper is a … Continue reading