How To Naturally Get Rid Of Pests In Your Garden?

Insects and other kinds of pests in your garden can severely damage your plants. Certain types of flowers and decorative lawn plants are very sensitive to pests and other environmental factors. And often, flowers and other ornamental plants can die because of parasites. So if you want your plants to flourish, you will want to get rid of those insect pests from being in your garden. There are numerous things that you can try out such as using pesticides; however, those have their disadvantages too.

Harsh chemicals that get rid of insect pests can also be harmful to your plants. These harsh chemical insecticides can also harm your plants too. There are particular types of pests that are also resistant to chemical pesticides, so it is not always useful or a good idea to resort to using chemicals. Using chemical pesticides can also indirectly hurt your plants too. Pesticides can also kill off beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and bees. If you want to preserve the natural state of the environment, you should avoid using chemical pesticides. These chemicals can also directly harm you too. Harsh chemical pesticides can cause health problems in people too.

Do not despair Allied Pest Solutions is here! There are a few natural methods that you can try out yourself to get rid of pests. By using these natural methods, you will not have to use harsh chemical insecticides at all. You can get rid of pests without having to resort to chemical insecticides.

One thing that you can do is to plant certain types of flowers and plants. Certain kinds of plants have natural insect repelling properties. And the presence of these plants and flowers inside of your garden could keep other pests away too. For example,

Chrysanthemums contain a naturally occurring chemical that is toxic to certain insects but is very safe for humans. Another plant that can repel insect pests is the clover. This plant can be used to cover the ground base of flower beds, and it can effectively keep a lot of bad pests away too. The scent of marigolds has also been known to repel certain insects too. You can plant marigolds around your garden or lawn if you want to keep insects away. Having these kinds of plants around your yard could successfully keep bad insects from invading your garden.

Release beneficial insects around your yard. You can purchase beneficial insects, such as ladybugs from sellers, and then you can simply release them in your yard. These kinds of insects are the natural predators of aphids, flies and even snails. So using these natural predators of harmful insect pests, you can keep the population of insect pests down. This is a very smart way to use nature for your own benefit. Releasing beneficial insects into your garden is an easy and natural method that you can try out in order to keep the population of insect pests in your own garden, down.

Another animal you can introduce to your garden or yard could be chickens. Chickens are extremely efficient at eating and killing harmful pests around your garden. For example, one favorite snack of chickens is the plant-eating snail. So with chickens in your garden, you could easily keep the population of pests down. And with the addition of chickens to your garden, you may even have another source of eggs. Chickens are also very easy to raise, needing only a little space and some feed. You should consider raising chickens if you want to keep a garden that is full of vegetable. Chickens can help keep your vegetable garden thriving.

Source: Allied Pest Solutions